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Organics & De-Packaging

Revolution is the undisputed leader in organics recycling in British Columbia. We, again, do things completely differently than others, delivering extraordinary results to our customers and the environment.

organics recycling Organics Recycling

Organics has historically been the most vexing component of the waste stream to handle. Not only is it messy to separate and smelly to store, improperly dealing with it contaminates otherwise valuable recyclable materials. The vast majority of the source-separation systems others have devised simply don’t work. Their composting facilities can’t handle much, if any, contamination and plastics are their enemy. Their facilities are too small to properly process the material through to maturity. They stink, clog, and are eventually shuttered, particularly the ones who try to compost in the rainy Lower Mainland.

We recognized these issues more than a decade ago and all of our sorting and processing systems are designed to deal with modern-day reality, not theoretical fantasy.

We start by asking you to simply place your organics in either a clear plastic or compostable bag. If you’re brave enough to use paper, that’s great too. Then just toss those bags into the large container we will provide you and you’re done.

From there, the organic matter makes its way to our Resource Recovery Parks where we classify, sort and separate it into different grades. Material that needs more detailed sorting goes to our picking line where we manually scour out any contaminants.

Next, we load that much cleaner “feedstock” into large, highway trailers and off it goes to a state-of-the-art composting facility either at our certified organic Revolution Ranch or Boost Compost in Abbotsford. There the material is turned into top quality Class A organic compost that can be used as an input for certified organic farming. We produce certified organic alfalfa, that feeds our certified organic beef cattle and cows that produce milk for certified organic dairy products. We grow certified organic hops for the organic beer industry. We don’t take valuable, nutritious food and lazily turn it into grass like others do!

We also receive truckloads of code-dated and out of specification food products that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, de-package it and divert it to the production of natural gas.

Finally, we take out all that plastic that helped you recover all those valuable organic nutrients by screening it three separate times. We combine it with wood from our construction and demolition business and make high quality renewable alternative fuels that further reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.

So, if you want to actually make an impact with your recycling efforts, there is no one other than Revolution who can do it.

Full transparency with no more unpleasant surprises.

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