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The magic in our process lies within our three unique Resource Recovery Parks. Without them, we could not do everything we do. No one else has anything remotely comparable.

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Revolution Resource Recovery Parks

Strategically located throughout the Lower Mainland, they facilitate our ability to do three key things that no one else, anywhere, can:

  1. Simplify our collection system and reduce the amount of effort you need to put into separating your material;
  2. Allow us to recover material that others would consider too contaminated to handle, turning it to its highest and best use; and
  3. Create the highest quality, renewable end products possible, making sure that what you trust us with will not be discarded or abandoned until everything practicable can be done to recover it.

Combined, they allow us to reduce our environmental footprint, save you time, effort, and money, and recover materials no one believes possible. We also understand that you, your colleagues, and customers care about how you deal with the environment and nothing tells them more clearly that you care than if you have a brilliant green Revolution bin outside your back door.

Fully Licensed and Regulated

All of our facilities are approved, licensed, and regulated to receive and process more than 2,000,000 metric tonnes annually. We are obliged to recover a higher percentage of our inputs than any government in North America actually achieves with their archaic programs and we consistently do it, day after day, month after month, year after year.

The recycling systems employed by others are little different than the home Blue Box that was introduced 50 years ago. If you can imagine driving around today in a 1970’s Ford, that is what everybody else is trying to sell you now. Although governments exaggerate and outright lie to you about the recycling rates those “source-separation” systems achieve, they in reality recover something less than 40% of the waste stream. For plastics, the rate is less than 10%. They keep asking you to do the same thing over and over again, with the same pathetic results. They insist you do all the work and pay exorbitant fees for the pleasure. If it hasn’t already, this truth should infuriate you.

Revolution Advantage

At Revolution, we have spent more than 30 long years reimagining recycling and building our dream. The metaphorical result is a modern, self-driving EV that is custom-made for this century, not the last.

The core of our philosophy is that volume drives success and everything has a highest and best use. We design our processes and equipment to be flexible and adaptable.  What is in high demand one day, may not be the next. We need to be able to shift between markets and are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to use the complex and varied streams of materials we receive.

But what you might not see and appreciate is that we design our Resource Recovery Parks to be ultimately efficient and easy to access. Trucks do not endlessly line up to get into our facilities and wait to unload their cargo. That entire process occurs in under five minutes. We are also open to our customers 24/7, 365. Your business doesn’t sleep, so neither do we. Try and accomplish that at a bureaucrat-run Metro Vancouver transfer station.

In truth, Revolution has no competitors. Our services are unique. We will save you money. We will simplify your life. Together we will Protect Earth™.

For more information and to arrange a professional consultation please contact us.

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Very impressed with the service and value.

We have recently switched over to Revolution Resources Recovery for all waste streams in one of our locations and are very impressed with the service and value we are receiving.  Since switching over, we have had to change some of our services and I have had the pleasure of working with their Customer Service rep, Kayla F in making these changes.  Kayla has been so helpful and courteous and her professional service has made for a fabulous and seamless transition.

James Ellis

Great services and pricing!

Great services and pricing!  The Sales Consultant has done a great job in consolidating all the services we need for different locations under one fantastic group package and save us a big sum.  Their Customer Service team are also very helpful too!

Clara Cheng

I highly recommend them.

I have been working with Mark and his team at Revolution Resource Recovery for over a decade, and I highly recommend them. Their bins are kept exceptionally clean and the service is second to none. I know first-hand that they give back to the community through various programs and initiatives and they are always willing to work around a business’s specific needs.

Waste removal and disposal has become a hot topic and is very important, and Revolution Resource Recovery has implemented standards that are second to none. Whether you are looking for a waste management company for the first time, or are considering changing from your existing one, I highly recommend giving Revolution Resource Recovery a call before looking elsewhere.

Teri James